Sempozyum: 6th Internatıonal Computer and Instructıonal Technologies Symposium
A Review on Professional Development of Technical Teachers in Turkey
Research Assistant Alper Turan ERGUZEL
Sakarya University

Student Oylum Şehvez ERGUZEL
Sakarya University
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The combinations of knowledge innovation, diff usion, and application are critical concepts in knowledge economy (Raval,2000) Based on such concepts, teachers’ levels of professionalism must be continuously enhanced. During the last years technology has been used as a very eff icient tool to increase teachers’ levels of professionalism. Advances in information technology have promoted web-based e-learning and accelerated knowledge delivery through the Internet. The web-based e-learning environment is so convenient that online and lifelong learning have gradually become a trend in education (Chen & Shi, 2002). In today’s rapidly changing information society characterized by the current web-based e-learning environment, the traditional face-to-face learning style is no longer suff icient.

Especially for the teachers with the responsibility of family and full-day working life, it is very diff icult to enhance professional development by the traditional face-to-face learning style. The use of online learning or web-based e-learning is increasing in teacher education, due to its benefit of convenience. Improving the depth and breadth of teacher qualifications and student learning are in among majör national goals. Web-based e-learning as a practice that serves as an excellent example of lifelong learning has been promoted by government institutions, enterprises and universities in recent years .

This paper describes the results and implications of a study about the Web-Based blended e-Learning as a tool to enhance teachers’ professional development and provide teacher training based on a sample Project of “Web-based In-service Training Programs on Electrical-Electronics and Information - Communication Technologies for Technical Teachers (WITPET) ” which was carried out by University of Sakarya, Budapest Polytechnic, Varna Technical University, University of Sussex, University of Suleyman Demirel, Turkey Ministry of National Education and Young Businessmen Association of Sakarya. The project was a 2 years (between 2007 and 2009) long project financed by the EU.

It is also important that this project was the first web-based in-service training program for teachers who work in the field of vocational education. This project focused on the 70 participants who came from different regions and cities of Turkey and they worked as electricity, electronics and information technology teachers in vocational and technical high schools, teachers working in vocational training centers, vocational training specialists working in the field of vocational education. The development objective of the project was to contribute to the professional development and training of the teachers without limiting their work and by using the Web-Based Service Training Program. The project is a very significant example of the lifelong learning because it handled people together who came from diff erent sectors, regions and countries. By this ways an opportunity was created for the participants to share their experinces and knowledges with each othe

Current studies on higher education have focused on methods to create innovation in teachers’ professional
developments, which includes the involvement of the teacher’s practical experience and the construction of
substitute instructional strategies that allow the students to gain refl ective, autonomous, and critical learning
skills (Garcia & Roblin, 2008). However, in the field of technical education, there is a lack of discussion regarding
the factors that enhance innovation in teacher’s professional developments.

This research aims to find out eff ectiveness of the Web-based In-service Training Programs on the professional
development of the technical teachers. Another important point is that training does not always transfer
into practice and therefore a re-think about how PD translates into practice is necessary. By this work , another
important question is tried to answer “ what are contributions of the training in practice “. As as result of the broad
literature analysis a questionaire which consist of the questions that tries to find out contributions of the program
and a five-point Likert type scale were developed and administered to teachers who participated in the training
program. Analysis of data was made by using SPSS through Anova and Tukey test in (p=0.05) significance level .

Anahtar Sözcükler: professional development, web-based e-learning,web-based In-service training programs,

Sempozyum: 6th Internatıonal Computer and Instructıonal Technologies Symposium
A Review on Professional Development of Technical Teachers in Turkey
Research Assistant Alper Turan ERGUZEL
Sakarya University

Student Oylum Şehvez ERGUZEL
Sakarya University
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