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  • My purpose in writing this book was to provide students of English with material seldom seen in classroom texts but commonly used in real life English. It is meant as supplementary material for the classroom or as self study material for students at or above an intermediate level of language learning.

    There are few explanations and the students are expected to have basic concepts of the material presented. Based on this foundation, they will be able to use the activities to increase their knowledge of vocabulary, phrasing, and general comprehension.

    One of the major downfalls of our students is related to the concept of collocations and phrasing of language by native speakers. This problem is usually not apparent until a student is expected to understand the difficulty of phrasing what they wish to say. I have tried to show students that there are many different ways to express what is meant.

    Basım Tarihi : 2004

    Baskı Sayısı : 1

    Sayfa Sayısı : 340

    Ebat : 16x24 cm

    Cilt Tipi : İNCE KAPAK

    Barkod : 9789755914676

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