Bodrum Peninsula Halicarnassus And Surrounding Areas

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Bodrum Peninsula is like a break before Europe in the notebook of Anatolia which Asia Minor culture is written in. Before the break there is Anatolia, just after that there is the European Culture. Therefore, the peninsula is a geographical area where the Asian and European cultures are synthesised. Beginning with the earliest phases of history, human effect on these lands has continued to the present times. In fact, one of the seven monuments in the whole world which written itself as “wonder” is found on these lands. Undoubtedly, it is not a coincidence. Halicarnassian Peninsula was always worthy to be the center of the mighty civilizations and pompous monuments with fertile lands, habitable nature and geographical position it has. Taking a trip in Halicarnassus, which was once the capital of the Carian Region, will be nothing like an ordinary tour. Roaming in Halicarnassus has a boosting effect on man’s desire to explore. It always keeps an urge to explore, to question and as well as sense of wonder within living.

Together with many doors leading to history’s chamber full of secrets, Halicarnassus also has an astonishing nature. It is a nonesuch chance of joy to have a walk within the Bodrum Castle which seems like an ornament hanging on the neck of Peninsula, with touching the walls of it or even to have a look from the towers of the castle to the intense blue waters of the Aegean Sea. With this book in your hand, we’ve got ourselves in the effort to bring light on the lesserknown side of the worldwide respected holiday destination, Bodrum. History and culture of Bodrum are being enlightened beneath this light. For this reason, travellers who come to the city with the sole purpose of a holiday will enrich their trips by seeing cultural assets which represented in this book such as the Bodrum Castle, Pedesa famous city of Leleges, Myndus and many others which also told hereby. This book, which offers the optimal tour programme with the maps and plans given upon the interest of the reader in the prologue as well as the epilogue, is prepared by the team whose members are counting Bodrum as one of the primary hosts of the cultural heritage of the World. The history and the cultural heritage of Bodrum are told in a plain language and presented in a narrative way. Both the information and the story behind what is told in the text is garnished with well-qualified photos. We share on these pages mysterious world of Halicarnassus from Bodrum, İzmir and Museums of Istanbul to London, British Museum and Altes Museum (Berlin).

ISBN: 9786055940409

Baskı Sayısı: 1. Baskı

Basım Tarihi: Ocak 2018
Baskı Yeri: Türkiye/İstanbul

Sayfa Sayısı: 212

Ebat: 14x21,5

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