Language And Communication Skills After Graduation

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Yazar(lar) : Nil Zelal Akar Yurdanur Özkan Şahika Tarhan 
Yayınevi: Middle East Technical University Department (Odtü)

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This textbook caters to the linguistic and non-linguistic needs of students after graduating from university. Thus, it consists of two parts aiming to develop both job seeking skills and on-the-job skills. To ultimate aim of the first part, which covers the first four units, is to assist students in making correct choices regarding their career plans by gaining awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, it aims to equip students with the linguistic knowledge and skills required in understanding job advertisements, writing a CV, cover letter, and a statement of purpose or a letter of intent to apply for a job or a post-graduate program, and answering interview questions.

The remaining units dwell upon on-the-job skills, or the communicative functions of the language within a business and/or academic environment, such as socializing, telephoning, holding or participating in meetings, and giving presentations. Each unit focuses on both the language and communication skills to carry out the targeted function.

The tasks in the book are designed so as to develop all four language skills of the students (reading, writing, speaking and listening). Students not only read texts and write texts of different genres, but they also do listening activities and carry out such speaking tasks as presenting, conducting role-plays, and engaging in class discussions. Each unit ends with a table of "language skills checklist" to assist students in carrying out the tasks in the book.

This book is a product of a long-lasting needs analysis research and the great efforts of the writers of the book. I would like to thank Yurdanur Ozkan, Zelal Akar and especially Şahika Tarhan, my assistant chairperson, who have made this valuable contribution to our department. I would also like to thank Aslı Gulener and üstün Reinart for their contributions during the revision phase of the book.

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